Grau de inovação de centros culturais com inserção comunitária no estado de Pernambuco

Masters dissertation. Honorable Mention for best dissertation of the year – Faculty of Administration Sciences – University of Pernambuco

August 2018

This research aims to identify the degree of innovation of Pernambuco cultural entities with community insertion, classified by BRA-LAW No 13.018 / 2014 as Culture Points. At the outset, a bibliographic study traces the etymology of innovation and its relation to sustainability and the Creative Economy, being Culture Points a part of it. Next, we analyse the investments in innovation in Brazil from the 1930s up to the 2017 Budget Law. Subsequently, it presents a set of existing innovation measurement tools and, from these, a mechanism is proposed to measure the degree of the entities concerned. An online questionnaire followed by semi-structured interviews applied in 33 state entities is analysed using the tool known as the Innovation Radar. It is perceived in the end that the organisations have a low degree of innovation, mainly because they do not understand the product of their work as marketable or the conceptually non-innovative aspect of cultural traditions.

Keywords: Innovation. Social innovation. Indicators of innovation. Creative economy. Cultural Policies.