this is my art

A vegetation enthusiast, I am a member of the Global Innovation Gathering (Berlin) supervisory board, an NGO dealing with innovation in the industry, public power and people’s daily lives all around the globe. My experience ranges from a consultant for IBM Corporate Service Corps International Leadership Training / PYXERA Global; co-founder and designer at 3Ecologias, an IT consulting firm for the environment, education and culture; and also a co-founder of Descentro – Institute of Research in Media, Culture and Technology. I have participated in numerous projects for social inclusion through opens source information technology.

I have an MA in Local Sustainable Development Management by the Faculty of Management Sciences of Pernambuco – University of Pernambuco (2016); specialisations in Hypermedia Design by Anhembi-Morumbi University (2003) and a certificated Co-creating Sustainable Cities course by the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. I am also a researcher at the Productive Infrastructure and Logistics for Sustainable Local Development Studies Group – University of Pernambuco.

FREIRE, Ricardo Ruiz
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